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DuraCoat & Refinishing

DuraCoat® is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat® was created specifically for firearms. Other finishes are “spin-off’s” from other industries. DuraCoat® is permanent. With normal use, a firearm finished with DuraCoat® will last several lifetimes. In the case of firearm finishes, a common misconception is “harder is better”. This is faulty old-school thinking. Hardness means brittle and brittle means chipping. DuraCoat®, being elastic, will not chip or peel. Elasticity provides protection by “giving” when confronted with an impact. Elasticity also helps prevent scratches and mars.

DuraCoat® can withstand temperatures as high as 500-600 degrees F. With “normal” shooting, your barrel will never get close to being that hot. If you are fortunate enough to own a transferable machine gun, or if you like to “blaze” with your semi-auto, do not put DuraCoat® on your barrel, as your barrel temperature will rise to over 1,000 degrees F. In those cases, DuraHeat(TM) is used. This high temperature coating can handle temperatures up to 1,800 degrees F and comes in 7 colors.

DuraCoat® is well suited for salt water environments. One of DuraCoat’s® attributes is its extreme ability to resist salt corrosion. A firearm coated with DuraCoat® simply will not rust…EVER!

DuraCoat® can be applied to most any surface. DuraCoat® comes in 106 Standard Colors, 7 Electric Colors, 3 Sheens of Clear, 6 Tactical Ultra Flat Colors, 5 Bloomberg Collection Colors, and 25 Camouflage Patterns. Also available in “Custom” patterns.


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  1. Good looking guns. Got any more examples you can post, How about digital camo?

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