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Custom Weaponry & gunsmith services,llc. is a Certified DuraCoat Finisher, offering premium Firearm and Marine coatings. We are also a Certified Gunsmith, offering Firearm repair,finishing, cleaning and customizing.

We are located in Holley, Florida and are lifelong residents of the area. Being avid sportsmen and having enjoyed repairing local firearms (and fishing reels/thanks Zach) for many years as a hobby, we are quite familiar with the operating systems of most common sporting equipment (If we have not broken one ourselves, chances are we have seen one broken, or at least own one we can break, before we break yours !).

We refinished our first firearm over five years ago and have tried several different products. When we came across DuraCoat we were very impressed. After trying it for several years on our own equipment in a “real world enviroment”, we were even more impressed. So impressed in fact, that I decided to travel to Wisconsin to become a Certified Finisher so we could offer this product to the area.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Custom Weaponry, we do not want anyone unhappy (with us anyway).

We can be reached at cwgs@mediacombb.net or at 850-939-6054/850-450-1952.


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